About us


Solutions Fountains Info-Tech is a trade name to an individual Establishment.

Our vision

Leading in the distinctive technical work to reach an administrative and educational community without reciprocal papers.

Our goal

Localizing, adapting and specifying the modren technology to suit the administrative and educational work environment.

Our customers

قواة المسلحة السعودية
وزارة الداخلية
وزارة التعليم

Success Partners

Technical Staff

Due to the success and the excellence of the teamwork, we've decided to communicate with experienced establishments and companies to build a strategic partnership and a technical integration inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in a technical field.

We seek to attract distinguished experts in analyzing, programming and technical works with advanced qualifications. Who they have practiced the technical work have an excellent experience to provide the best.

We seek for marketing for major companies in the field of hardware and software of computers at different levels.

We have practical ideas that can be fulfilled in reality towards an administrative and a technical field, and we seek to find partners and developers from leading establishments and companies to develop and allocate the work according to the customers' needs.

We have a good experience that qualifies us to offer consultations and technical solutions for the government and the private entities. We can analyze the requirements accurately in a record time through our experience to be translated into reality in a technical work in which they are managed automatically by the computer.


  • Information System Services, and Electronic Document management, and Archiving Programs.

  • Applying works' solutions to Microsoft ( SharePoint and Exchange).

  • Enterprise Resources Planning Solutions (SAP).

  • Restaurant management and retail solutions.

  • Network management and Microsoft systems.

  • Backup Solutions (CA-Symantec).

  • Providing technical advice to the management of IT services.

  • Installing and maintaining computers.

  • Providing solutions to protect the software information and the technical equipment.

  • Web designing and hosting.

  • Developing the computer programs.

  • Database design.

  • Providing electronic transaction programs and solutions.

  • Creating and programming the computer network systems and the internet networks, and supporting them.

  • Installing and allocating the operating systems, application software and supporting tools.